BPS Weekly Update 12/23

BPS Weekly Update 12/23
Posted on 12/23/2021
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Good Evening,

Covid Update
As of this recording, We have had 41 confirmed cases of Covid in the district this week. 23 of the positive cases this week were at Francis Wyman Elementary School, 1 at Pine Glen, four at Fox Hill, five at MSMS and four at BHS. The Commissioner of Education mentioned on a call yesterday that over 400,000 Test and Stay tests have been performed across the state so far during this school year. In Burlington, we have conducted nearly 5,000 tests so far this year and we have had only 36 positive cases which is less than 1 percent. Over the last month we have conducted most of these tests and with the Omnicron spreading more rapidly than previous variants.

Tightening Up Mitigation Efforts
With the introduction of vaccines for students age 5 we had begun to re-introduce instructional best practices, like small group instruction. The presence of a new, more contagious variant and higher case numbers, however, means that we will be reintroducing several mitigation measures and compromising instruction for another several months.

To this end, we will be re-focusing on proper mask wearing and distancing. At the elementary level, we will be having students eat their lunches back in their classrooms. We will also keep elementary students with their homeroom groups as much as possible.

We have not seen significant increases in cases at the middle school and high school level where our student vaccination rate is about 80%. We are encouraging parents of students ages 5 to 11 years of age to speak with their pediatrician about getting your child or children vaccinated. The number of vaccinated students is having an impact on spread even with our small sample.

We wanted to end 2021 with a note of thanks to our administrators, teachers, support staff, and especially our nursing staff. In addition, we want to thank students and parents for your patience and understanding. We all want the pandemic to end. We appreciate the effort it takes to maintain the energy needed to make health and safety related adjustments to our personal and professional lives.

We wish all of our families a healthy and restful break and New Year’s!


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