BPS Weekly Update 4/8/22

BPS Weekly Update 4/8/22
Posted on 04/10/2022
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COVID Update
As of this recording here on Friday afternoon, we have seen 14 reported positive cases of Covid. This is up slightly from 4 cases reported last week. If you are part of the home testing program and are receiving tests through the school, please continue to report any positive results through the form that is provided in the email with this message. In addition, please continue to forward any questions or concerns you may have to [email protected].

Good Friday
A reminder, that as we stated last week, we will be modifying our calendar and canceling school next Friday, April 15 due to staff absences for the religious holiday. We apologize for the late notice and will try to get this information for absences from staff due to religious holidays when school begins next year. To be clear, we are committed to creating a religiously neutral calendar and we support any staff who need to take a religious holiday off from school.

This calendar change makes the last day of school Wednesday, June 22nd.

Director of Special Education Search Process
There will be a family survey coming out shortly asking for parent volunteers to participate in the search process for the Director of Special Education. The survey will include dates and times for meetings.

Holy Week
We marked the start of Ramadan last week. This week we would like to wish all of our families celebrating Easter to have a blessed Holy Week.

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