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The Burlington Art + Design Program supports the BPS Mission by teaching students to think critically and creatively and to generate and develop new ideas. Students explore different methods of problem-solving, and they are guided to understand that there may be more than one solution to a problem. Students across grade levels explore a variety of materials and processes and learn a wide range of skills. They develop a sense of community through collaborative projects, group critiques, informal discussions, and participation in exhibitions. The art program helps to answer a young person's need for greater independence, giving students the opportunity, when appropriate, to generate or modify goals, and to develop their own variations on some projects. Art classes serve as a balance to academic classes. Students benefit from and become more well-rounded through the enriching experience of art.

We Believe...
- Art is a vital part of every child's development.
- Art is a way of understanding one's self, one's society and other cultures.
- Art provides the means for expressing & communicating thoughts, feelings, & experiences.
- Art education provides the gifts of vision, appreciation, and joy for the student to take into the world.

The Burlington Art + Design Program supports the BPS District Vision,
“striving for excellence”, by:
- Helping students achieve their highest potential with a challenging curriculum that includes the concepts of Creating, Presenting, Responding, & Connecting.
- Developing students' ability to apply Studio Habits of Mind and Design Thinking strategies in their work.
-Training highly qualified teachers who are committed to the district and program vision.
- Provide parents opportunities to be partners in their children's education.
- Providing community members opportunities to participate in school activities to reinforce the goal of quality educational programming for every student.

Art & Design Office
Burlington High School, Room 213
123 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA 01803

District Art Educators

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